Michael Smith

Family, health, and job... all FitHustle


I was fortunate enough to meet Alina over 3 years ago at the tiny booth called FitHustle at Europa Orlando. She had a vision, took me in, and never looked back. Watching the company grow, along side myself, has been one of my proudest things I look back on. The people involved are now my closest friends. 


All that being said, a premium has always been put on quality. See anyone can hustle. That's the easy part. The hard part is producing quality and recreating a brand every time that it's being put on display. Fitness isn't just about going to the gym and eating right. It's about being financially fit, house cleaned, car looking sharp, and of course dressing to impress. 


These 2 values, fit and hustle, have been the keys to my success in every phase of my life. Get out there, push as hard as you can, and make everything with quality. You will be nothing but successful. You will be FitHustle. 


Thank you, 

Michael Smith

SE Coordinator FitHustle

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"Live The Hustle"