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I am Mike Cavanaugh a National Level Men's Physique Competitor. I first got into competing March of 2012. Some friends of mine in the gym had previously competed in the Men's Physique division and were urging me to try it out. There justhappened to be a show 3 weeks away at the time that was located in Jacksonville, Fl. So I signed up, prepped for 3 weeks and ended up winning overall. From that point forward I was hooked and began planning and setting my goals. To date, I have competed in 8 shows, 3 of which were National Level Shows. 2014 I plan to do a National Circuit in attempt to obtain my Pro Card. In conjunction with competing, I also work full time for the Government as a IT Network Engineer/Server Administrator. Juggling my work career with my completion life style is definitely a struggle and requires much discipline, hard work, and the ability to stay focused. Working through the Hustle of everyday life, its challenges and being able to overcome them is a true test of one’s character and self worth. I am always striving to better myself on a work, fitness and health level. I support FithustleClothing 100% and I am proud to be an athlete because they represent the life hustle and struggle one must go through in order to balance everyday life with a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

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