Devon Manny

I am a 22 year old aspiring fitness model and figure competitor.  All of my life I struggled with being made fun of for being too skinny and rumors were always circulating that I had an eating disorder.  My love for fitness began when I decided I no longer wanted to be stick thin and realized "eating more" alone was only making me fat! I started working out and fell in love with the changes I started to see.  I loved the results of my hard work and the people I met through working out. It wasn't until I met my boyfriend in 2013, who convinced me I had the potential to compete, I then started to seriously consider stepping on stage. I began training in January 2014 to compete in May at the Orlando Europa.  Stepping on stage was the most exciting thing I have ever done and I knew at that time I had found something I was truly passionate about.  I joined Team Freak Physique shortly after my first show and I am continuing to prepare for my next show.  Though being on stage, meeting all of the people in the industry, showing off all that you've worked so hard for is exciting, to me it is worth so much more than that.  I strive to stay true to myself and no matter what comes of my future always remember who I am at heart.  I wish to be a role model and inspire anyone that I can to be the best self they can be! 

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